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John H. Johnson–Born to Win through a Dream (Born To Win)

UNSTOPPABLE:— John H. Johnson once said “the greater the handicap, the greater the triumph”. In 1926, He and his mother were two of thousands who were running for their life during the biggest flood in American history.  The Mississippi River had broken out of its levee system in 145 places and flooded 27,000 square miles of land.  Arkansas, in which Mr. Johnson and his mother resided, was the hardest hit, with 14% of its territory covered by floodwater.  When he and his mother were finally able to return home, they found their little house 3 blocks from its original position.  Everything but the clothes on their back was washed away.  But in spite of the circumstances, his mom instilled in him great discipline and love, and desire to never give up.  And through her inspiration, he attained a great work ethic, business sense, and a survival mentality which coached him from poverty to great wealth. Passing through the thorn bushes of racism, crawling through the rough battle grounds of the Great Depression, and searching desperately for a higher education in a nation that was content with leaving the black man at ground level, John H. Johnson decided to walk by faith and not by sight.  He took a chance on believing the impossible and pressed on to become unstoppable.  He is the founder of Ebony magazine; published Jet magazine; started a television production company; served on the board of directors for the Greyhound Corporation and Chrysler Corporation;  and in early 2001, Johnson was inducted into the Arkansas Business Hall of Fame.  God blessed this man in a wonderful and mighty way, and the Lord Jesus Christ will bless you just as well.  God has created all of us with unstoppable capabilities.  You are more powerful than you know.  Trust in the Lord with all your might.  Walk by faith and not by sight.  Know that you can do the impossible.  Fulfill your mission and become UNSTOPPABLE!!!! And as you’re sitting at the dinner table sipping from your cup, you can enjoy the blessings of knowing that you never give up.  God has given you a Mission within, know that you were born to win! (Born to win)

Eleanor Roosevelt–Born To Win at Life:

Take Note of this Dynamic Woman!! born to win
— Eleanor Roosevelt once quoted, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife of one of the most famous presidents of all times.  But her fame was due to her own works as an independent woman, and not the shadow of her husband.  As a little girl, she was shy.  Her mom was never pleased with her or her physical appearance and constantly expressed her disapproval by repeatedly condemning her without the slightest consideration to her feelings.  Eleanor’s father, whom she loved more than anyone, became addicted to drinking alcohol which became very tasking for the family.  She was also rejected by her class mates and often talked about behind her back.  But in spite of all these different opinions by other people concerning her, she decided to never give up on her life as a useful independent woman. She made up in her mind not to sit in a corner watching the world go by.  She chose to be useful all the days of her life.  She overcame the opinions of all of them who rejected her and who dedicated themselves to belittling her, and she rose up to become an outspoken advocate of Civil Rights; published many articles; fought for those who were suffering, and soon ranked in the top ten of Gallup’s List of Most Widely Admired People of the 20th Century.  You also can rise to the same level of accomplishments by overriding the negative opinions of man and accept the fact that you are born to win, and that you are one of the most influential people in all the world.  Your opinion of yourself is what matters; not the opinions of others.  The Lord desires you to be the Best.  So never give up when weathering the Test. (Born to win)

Booker T. Washington–Born to Win through Education:

Booker T. Washington quoted, “I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him”.  Booker T. Washington was a man born in slavery, who, after the Civil War, proceeded to attain for himself an education at all cost.  With determination, he gathered what little money he could and went forth towards his vision, overcoming all the fears, dangers, and struggles that confronted him.  While pursuing his dream, he was forced to sleep on the street corner simply because no blacks were permitted to sleep in the hotels. Yet, he encouraged himself and decided to see himself as one who had no limitations.  His mind was set to never give up.  He refuse to blame anyone for his status as a black man in America, forgave his oppressors, and went on to become the most famous African-American of his time.  He founded, built, and established the Tuskegee Institute, which is a college for blacks in Alabama.  Booker T. Washington went from a life of slavery and sleeping on a street corner to becoming an advisory to Presidents and one of the greatest orators of his time; speaking successfully, and with great inspiration to both blacks and whites alike.  God blessed him to fulfill his mission because he would never give up; and the world was made better because of it.  You have a mission from the Lord, and the world is in need for you to fulfill it!!!  You have the power and resources to do even greater than Booker T. Washington, so take action now and go for it!!  NEVER! NEVER GIVE UP ON IT!!  People are waiting for your mission to begin; So acknowledge the fact that you were born to win? (Born to win)