Now this message is not just an inspirational, motivational topic, it is a command from God; Exercise your Faith! “Exercise” is an activity which helps to strengthen and keep in shape that which is being exercised.  So then, if you want your mind to be strengthened and kept in shape, then you must exercise your mind; if you want your body to be strengthened and kept in shape, then you must exercise your body: But if there ever come a time in which you want to become stronger than what you are now, you must take your exercise to a higher level.


Now before you are able to Exercise your Faith, you must first understand what Faith is! Now the word “Faith” has been used in so many different forms until it has fogged up its true identity.  When you look up the word “faith” in the dictionary, you begin to understand why this word is so fogged up.  Here is what the dictionary says about faith.

1. the confidence or trust in a person or thing:   the faith in another’s ability.

2. the belief that is not based on proof:

3. the belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion:

4. the belief in anything, as a code of ethics, standards of merit, etc.:

5. a system of religious belief: such as; the Christian faith; the Jewish faith.

6. the obligation of loyalty or fidelity to a person, promise, engagement, etc.:

This is how the Dictionary defines Faith.


But none of these definitions measure up to the true identity of Faith, yet, this is what we have accepted as the defining elements of “Faith”.  But the true Faith which pleases God has its own distinct definition; and without that kind of Faith, it is IMPOSSIBLE  to Please Him.
If you look in the Book of Hebrews 11:1, you will find the true definition of faith; and it says………………  Now faith is the Substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  And I know that some of you have probably heard this a thousand times, and you’re probably saying to yourself, “I already know this, I already got this”; but listen to what this verse is really saying.  It says that faith is the substance; Now when it says, Substance, that means it’s something tangible; something you can feel; something that you know is there.  And when it says, it is the Evidence; that means, it is the proof, the undeniable verification of the thing you cannot see.  In other words, Faith is the tangible knowing, the feeling, proof, the undeniable verification that you already have what you cannot see.  And when you know that you have it, you don’t settle for anything less.


You see, Faith is like a $100,000 Certified check.  It can’t bounce! It is the tangible proof, the undeniable verification  of the Cash you cannot see.  And when you take a Certified check to the bank, you expect to receive what the check clearly verifies to be yours. You expect it! And that’s exactly what God expects you to do!  That’s why the Bible says in the Book of Hebrews 11:6, that he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder to them that diligently seek Him.  In other words, he who comes to God or the Banking of Blessings Institution, must first believe that the bank exists, and that it shall deliver the cash to the one who has the check.


See, we think that God can do anything, but He can’t.  He cannot go beyond anyone’s doubtful mentality.  He can’t give a $100,000 blessing to a person who only has $700 worth of Faith.  Many people don’t know this, but “Doubt” irritates God more than any other sin in the Bible.  And so many of us have been trained to justify our lack of faith for so long, until we don’t even recognize, that the spirit of doubt, is a demon; and it rest comfortably in our presence without rejection.


The reason it is so necessary to express the severity of the doubt issue, is because, if we never recognize how much we are disappointing God, then we will never make any special efforts to correct it.  God created us to prosper and to subdue the world for His Name’s sake, but so many of us are so afraid of the world, until we can barely make an impact.  But today, God is sending a message to His people, “Exercise Your Faith”….. Because once you learn how to exercise your faith, you become fearless, and when you are fearless, you gain the power to overcome anything.  “Exercise Your Faith”


Now, I want to take you to this Sister in the Bible who have inspired me to Exercise my Faith at a higher level.  And one of those individuals can be found in the book of Luke 8:43-48, and when you get a chance, you can read it, but in this passage of Scripture, we see a woman afflicted with an issue of blood.  And what that means is that this woman had a constant bleeding.  Now Women who have experience heavy blood discharge during the first 7 days of their menstrual cycle, could imagine what it would be like if those 7-days became 4,383-days of constant bleeding. Now, this lady’s menstrual cycle clock broke, and her body was no longer able to tell what time to stop the bleeding; so she continued to bleed for 12 years.  And they didn’t have any Tampons or Maxi Pads in those days, no medicated pain reliever that would help alleviate this type of condition; so this woman was in a pretty bad situation.  Not only did this women have to fight such a formidable sickness, but she had to struggle with being isolated from among her people; because, according to the Jewish customs of that day, it was against the law for a woman in her condition to be seen in public.  She was considered unclean, and according to the law, everything she touched became unclean.  And anyone who touched such a woman was also considered unclean for the entire the day until after they had washed themselves up and every inch of their clothing.  Can you imagine being separated from friends and family for twelve long years?  Not able to go to the park, not able to go to any football, basket ball, or baseball games, no concerts, no restaurants or Birthday party; not even able to enter into the house of worship to enjoy God with the people of God!  Can you imagine that?  No radios, no TVs, no video games or box of pizza to enjoy while sitting at home alone with no one to help you for 12 years.  Everywhere you went, people looked at you as if you were dirty.  Every time you entered into an atmosphere, it was as if you degraded it; you brought the quality of the environment down by your presence, for 12 years.  Can you imagine going to the store and people putting on gloves before taking your money as if you were contagious, for 12 years?


But see, what inspired me about this woman is that, in spite of her condition, she never gave up!  She had great respect for herself.  She had already made up in her mind that she can have her healing. She spent every dime she had trying to get healed, and when all her money was gone, she was still determined to have her healing.  She didn’t know how it was going to happen, she didn’t know how she was going to get it but what she did know is that she going to have it.


You see, people give up because their blessings didn’t come the way they had planned for it to come.  But faith doesn’t deal with logical methods.  If there is no logical method for you to receive the blessing you want, Faith will create a method for you to have it.   Many women in her situation would have easily given up long time ago, but this woman was exercising her faith at a higher level;  And I could imagine this woman saying to herself, “I spent every dime I had so I could be healed and it still didn’t work, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have my healing; it just means I will have it some other way!  And because she never gave up, God brought an opportunity for her to be healed. The Lord Jesus Christ was now in town.


She now had a Doctor she could go to that would guarantee her healing. But there was a problem;  she would have to enter into public life to receive her blessing; she was going to have to break somebody’s rules and regulations in order to receive what she knew was already hers. And I can just imagine this woman saying to herself, “what can they do to me if I get caught, isolate me? But if I could just touch His garment, I shall, not I might, not I hope, but I shall be made whole.  And this woman, being weak and fragile after loosing massive amounts of blood begin to gain strength from the power of her faith and she pressed her weak self through crowds of people, got passed Jesus’ 12 Disciples and took hold of His garment, and immediately, she was healed.


FAITH will always cause you to go against what is normal before giving you, your blessings.


Jesus got so excited about the faith of this woman until He stopped everything and said, “who touched Me?”  The disciples looked at Him and said, Lord, this crowd of people is pressing us against us, why would you asked “who touched me?”  Jesus said, “I felt power go out of me, somebody touched me!”  This woman was simply trying to lay low, she wasn’t trying to be seen, she wasn’t trying to become famous, she just simply wanted to get her healing; But when you have learned how to operate under the Power of Faith, you excited God so much until He’ll make you famous overnight.  Not only will He make you famous, but He will have folks talking about you over 2,000 years later.


And when this woman could no longer be hid, she came forth and fell at the feet of Jesus, and Jesus allowed her to tell her testimony because He wanted everyone to know what Faith looked like.  And when she got through telling her testimony, Jesus looked at her and said, “Your Faith has made you whole”


And if you can just get beyond people, If you can get pass the opinions of man, If you can keep a clear picture of what you want from God in front of you, if you are determined to have what you know is yours, if you are willing to cut off anybody who attempts to stop you from receiving what you want from God, if you can believe and doubt not, you shall have whatsoever you say!  Exercise Your Faith!










Dating before Marriage:

Dating: Those who enter the dating relationship system before marriage, should always know exactly what they want first.  Writing down what you want before you date, sets you at the head of the system and puts your potential love mate in the interviewer’s seat.  Having confidence in yourself and the God you serve; prevents you from being taken advantage of, and will signify to your potential love mate that there will be no entering into your secret chambers without first being totally qualified to inherit that magnificent place in your life.  Remember, you are the best anyone could ever have, and therefore, you deserve the best love relationship of your life.  Your body is a holy sanctuary and should be respected at all times.

Before entering A Marriage  RELATIONSHIP  

WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU WANT:  Grab yourself a pen and write down the kind of relationship you want to have in your life right now.  This forces you to concentrate on exactly what it is you want and why you want to have it.  Once you have distinguished exactly what it is you want, you will begin attracting into your life, those who will best qualify in meeting your love relationship values.  Knowing what you want, gives you a powerful sense of control.  When everything is written down, it does something absolutely supernatural to you.  It focus your mind and causes you to see and notice things that are valuable to your desired aspirations. It grants you the opportunity to take advantage of it right away.  It automatically gives you a greater percentage of receiving it faster than any other system there is.  Try it, you won’t be disappointed.  Write everything down; the type of person you want to have and all the characteristics that person should represent, and how you expect that person to treat you and so on…… This will take some time, but it is so worth it!  After you are completely satisfied with what you have written, put it up in a safe place and watch it come to life.  Don’t compare your relationship to the satisfaction of others.  The Lord Jesus Christ will give you a unique relationship fashioned and special made to fit you and all your needs.  Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t have the kind of relationship you want, or that all the good people are taken.  You are one of the good people, and there is someone special made just for you.  Just write it down and watch it come to pass.

What is Marriage?

Marriage is a Divine covenant of Friendship: A loyal way of establishing your connection with each other forever.  It is the beginning of a lifetime of adventure as friends, conquering all the adversities of life as one unit, loving each other and learning each other with the full intention of making each other better, stronger, and happier than ever. The challenges may be strong, but the joy of learning each other while working together to beat the odds, is priceless.  Marriage is fantastic!

Study your companion before and after Marriage

Always study your love-mate to the fullest degree and in every way possible, presenting your mate with the kind of love that causes him/her to fall in love with you over and over again.  It may be incredible to believe, but we all have a different kind of “love-button” unique to our own nature and secretly embedded in our emotions. And those of us who are able to find the “love-button” of our love-mate, will gain the power to access an exciting love experience within our relationship whenever we want it.  Studying your partner keeps the fire alive in your relationship and motivates you to become even more passionate about finding new ways of pleasing your mate.  Please remember that “sex” is not every man’s love-button, nor is “flowers and gifts” every woman’s love-button.  But there are some of us who have Love-Buttons that comes with a combination code.  And after we have discovered the combination code of our love-mate, and commence to allowing the God of our Salvation to be the Center of our wonderful relationship, with the Lord Jesus Christ as the glue to our Spiritual connection; surrendering our physical body into the presence of our companion to enjoy to the fullest degree:  We can then expect the Happiness of a marriage we so diligently prepared for.







Marriage is Awesome!





The Power of Encouragement 

We so truly love you, and we hope you are as excited about your life as we are about you!  We enjoy presenting the wonderful magnificent exciting Love of our Lord Jesus Christ to every member of this nation and throughout the world, and we want you to enjoy it to.  How loving and super wonderful and marvelously exciting it is experiencing the joy of God’s magnificent encouragement towards us.  Many of us have been hurt in the past, and yet, we prevailed through the magnificent love and encouragement of our Lord Jesus Christ, who, through the power of His grace, took us and completely delivered us from all

our afflictions.  And now, by our faith in Him, it gives the Lord Jesus Christ the joy and privilege of setting us free and granting us that wonderful brand new start.  It is the greatest joy of all to live for our Lord Jesus Christ.  He died for all of us and was risen from the grave to guarantee us hope, joy, love and happiness forever!  He will forgive all of us!  He will help all of us!  He will fill all of us with His most Wonderful Holy Spirit!  He will give us all the encouragement that we need when we need it!  And all we must do is receive Him as our Lord and Savior and enjoy an exciting relationship with Him!  How awesome is that!!!!  The encouragement of our Lord Jesus Christ is more powerful than all the affections you can ever receive from anyone ever!


An Encouragement from our Family to You


You are powerful beyond measure! You are awesomely blessed! You have great and indispensable qualities! Your enemies are no match for you!  You are born to be great.  Don’t be intimidated or afraid of anyone or anything! You are destined to achieve greatness!  Your life is created to bless 100’s and 1,000’s of people throughout the world, even continuing unto many generations to come.  Begin to rise higher and higher. Take time to rejoice in every situation. Let nothing stop you!  There is no limit to what you can do!  Keep your heart excited!!!

            You are born with a wonderful mission.  You have a great purpose. And we joyfully, and with great excitement, invite you into the wonderful marvelous presence of one who can help you.  His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. He wants a relationship with you.  He loves you more than anyone ever will.  He is the spiritual satisfaction everyone is looking for right now.  He is the One who will keep you from all evil when you call upon His Name.  He is the best source of Love, Joy and Peace.  Take action, Dear Friend; the world is waiting to experience the magnificent operation you must soon achieve. 


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 This Encouragement is for you!