working on the job4John was a Holy Spirit filled successful loving and faithful Christian who worked for the JLC Blackening Company. His opportunity to work for the company came through the recommendations of the Kelly Temporary Job Placement Agency. He started at a low level entry position which required fast pace and efficiency. Workers were divided into two sections in which one section placed items onto hanging racks of a moving rotating chain which transported items through a washer, then through a blackening chemical solution, then through a heated area, and back to the front where the other section of workers took down the items and neatly place the finished products into large steal cages for export. Those who were unable to keep up the pace by the end of the training period were dismissed. 

working on the job3John was a quick learner, and soon became the fastest and most efficient worker on the job.  The manager of the company was so proud of his work that he soon took John off the Temporary list and hired him for a full-time position. Before long, John was promoted to high-low driver.  And in less than two years, became Inspector, with the power to write up unproductive workers for dismissal. He was the youngest of all workers on the job and fearless for the Lord Jesus Christ, and found favor with everyone on the job.

One day, the Kelly Temporary Job Agency sent over a heavyset middle aged guy by the name of Willie Smith III.  John had to train Willie for a few days; showing him the requirements and expectations of the job.  Everything seemed to be going well.  There seemed to be no one who John did not find favor with.  But when Willie Smith III found out that John was a Christian, it changed everything. Willie began going out of his way to antagonize John, in an effort to prove that Christians were nothing but liars and weaklings. John was shocked at Willie’s sudden change of action towards him.  He had convinced himself that he could get along with anybody. But Willie Smith III, was a whole different story.

One day, John walked into work, and as he headed towards his desk, he heard Willie cry out with a loud voice, “What’s up Christian boy! Christian boy! What the F___ you gonna do? Christian boy!”

John wasn’t used to such language being directed towards him.  Everybody was watching to see what he would do.  John was taught in church that he should turn the other cheek, but he didn’t believe that concept worked unless the offender had an understanding that the victim was not afraid to fight back, but rather willingly chose to hold his/her peace for Christ sake.

As a child, John knew what it was like to be scared to talk back.  He knew the painful feeling of going home wishing he could have stood up for himself but said nothing.  But he had since, overcame his fears; had a few fights; and wasn’t afraid of anyone. But after receiving the Lord Jesus Christ into his life, he had to adopt a different style of fighting, which he was now required to put into action.

“I really wanna cuss this guy out to his face, and kick his butt out the door,” John said within himself.  “But the Lord has been merciful to me, so I should be merciful to this guy.” Suddenly, John had an idea, “I wonder how long I can be nice to this guy without breaking down?… I think that’s a good challenge for me!… I’m going to test myself to find out!”

After thinking of what he would say; John straightened up himself; went up to Willie with a chuckle smile, saying, “It’s ok, Man. I love you, and Jesus do to.” Willie was caught by surprised with that statement and didn’t know how to respond. Everyone was waiting to see what would happen next.  But when John saw that Willie was speechless, he began walking back to his desk.  But as soon as he began heading back, Willie shouted out, “Yeah! Whatever church boy! Whatever!!!”

For the next seven days, Willie made derogatory comments towards John and used foul language to intensify it.  But John refused to take it personally, and continued to respond with a smile by saying, “It’s ok Man, I love you, and Jesus do to.”

Many of the workers on the job was trying to urge Willie to stop hassling John.  “He’s a nice guy,” they would tell him.  “Why don’t you just leave him alone!” But Willie had been hurt by ‘so-called’ Christians in the past.  He considered them all hypocrites and phonies; and he was determined to show that John was a phony just like the rest.

The second week of this antagonistic experience became a little tougher for John.  Willie decided that he would take items off the hanging racks and throw them on the floor.  “What you gonna do now church boy?” Willie shouted as he laughed about his current disruption to the assembly line.  One of the workers approached Mr John whispering, “Just say the word, and I’ll take that dude outside and beat the crap out of ‘em.”  But John went over to where Willie had thrown all the items and picked them up himself.  He was still the fastest worker on the job, and was able to get the assembly line back on schedule.  Then he looked at Willie and said, “I still love you Man, and Jesus do to.”  Willie made a strange looking smile, but was speechless.

John knew he could get Willie fired on the spot, just by that non-sensible act of his slowing down production; which could have cost the company a significant amount of money.  His patience was wearing out for Willie.  On the one hand, he had to tolerate the views of the workers who thought that he was ‘too-nice-of-a-guy’ to confront Wille.  On the other hand, he wanted to show God that he was strong enough to stand for the Lord Jesus Christ and render the Love and Mercy He represents.

P90067542On Monday, of the following week, John was training a new co-worker; showing him how to speed up production; how to clean up the racks, and how to handle both sides of the line…. But no one expected Willie to interfere. But Willie made the mistake of coming up on John from behind, as one who comes up on somebody ready to fight.  Willie was twice as big as John, but John’s quick reflexes caused him to turnaround towards Willie so fast, that he accidentally elbowed Willie; knocking him into a floor cage filled with steel car parts.  He felt he had barely touched Willie, and was surprised that Willie had been knocked down so hard by such a small touch.  They both eyed each other as Willie looked up in complete shock at John, and John looked down at Willie with a little tinge of pleasure in his eyes as the coworkers began running towards him hoping to finally see a good fight.  But John, feeling a little guilty for the happiness he felt in seeing Willie knocked down into a cage, reached down his hand to help Willie up, but Willie pushed his hand away saying, “Don’t touch me! I can get up myself!”

Later on, during lunch time, Willie approached John at his desk and found him reading his bible as always.  John placed his bible down, looking up at Willie, and said, “What’s up?”

“I need to talk to you,” Wille responded.

“I’m listening,” John replied.

“Man, I ain’t never met anybody like you,” Willie said.  “I thought all Christians were sissies.  I ain’t never had anybody say the stuff you said to me, Man….  I grew up with a drunk father who beat the heck out of us and my Mom. My life has been messed up.  I didn’t even think it was a God who even cared about me, Man.… That’s why I tried to break you; but you didn’t budge…  Man, I need to get my life together! I need whatever it is you got! I need you to pray for me.”  By this time, tears was coming from Willie’s eyes. And when John saw it, his eyes began to water as well. Many other private things they discussed during that time… Finally, they exchanged phone numbers as the horn rang to end lunch time.  As the crew began walking back to their assigned positions, Wille said to John, “Don’t tell anybody what I said, ok?… That’s between me and you,”…  John nodded his head in agreement.

The following day, everybody saw a change in Willie’s attitude.  He even had his girlfriend fix two large plates full of good southern style soul food to take to lunch, in which he gladly gave one of those plates to John.  And for the next few weeks, you could hear Willie taunting the new comers, saying, “If anyone says a word against John or mess with him in any way, you gonna have to deal with me!”

  brotherly frienshipWillie and John became good friends, and within a month, Willie finally went to John’s church, having not entered a church in over 21 years, and was baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Such a one may have never came to know the Lord Jesus had not the love of Jesus Christ been fully demonstrated.