y  David Cody

THE AUTHOR: DAVID CODY: David Cody has designed these Christian Inspirational books to highlight the overcoming victorious Christian life experience of those who have struggled in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ and found victory in their determination to trust in God. By reading the testimonies of different individuals, married couples, and families, we can gain courage and hope that things can get better for us as well.  The stories are uniquely designed in a vivid fashion so as to make you feel the emotions of all the characters involved in the story. David Cody realized that Sunday morning services at church did not address everyday issues of life nor did it give a detailed description of how to live after church is over.  Sure, there were the quotations from the bible, but they were usually proclaimed in a mundane, pedantic, trivial fashion. No one seemed to be willing to express their own life experiences and struggles; and this was the flaw of the church, because it gave everyone the impression that all the Ministers of the Gospel was living the gospel without an inward struggle in obeying the gospel. David Cody knew that people didn’t want to talk about real life struggles in the church because church people had a way of judging others, especially when their own sins hadn’t yet been exposed; so David decided to put real life issues of individual Christians into a story form so that all points of views may be seen without distraction. There are many things that simply cannot be told over the pulpit.  Everybody can’t handle everything.  That’s why the Lord Jesus Christ spoke in parables as a major way of communicating His points of view.  David Cody recognized the major way that the Lord Jesus communicated with people and decided to communicate in the same fashion. Stories are powerful and work a lot better than trying to tell someone what they should or shouldn’t do.  Many times, people don’t want to hear anyone telling them what to do, but they don’t mind coming to their own conclusion after seeing all the facts without distraction. Many of the Ebooks presented on this site will be for free; and others will have affordable prices.  All will have a significant impression on the reader. David Cody and the Encouraging Love Ministries’ Family are dedicated to encouraging you in as many ways possible. David Cody and the Encouraging Love Ministries is an exciting mobile family knitted Out-Reach Ministry. Its goal is to encourage every individual in the world, starting with the city of Detroit and all the surrounding cities. It used to personally hand out 600 to 1,000 letters a week to homes and individuals on the streets within the Metropolitan Detroit Area.  Now it ministers to thousands on Social Media through Ebooks, Videos, and Encouraging Posts. The organization is updating its website to be more user friendly with interactive communications and great resources, excellent teachings, and outstanding encouragement help!David Cody, founder of Encouraging Love Ministries, dedicates his life to encouraging people all over the world through Christian E-books, Poems, and Videos.  With the help of his magnificently wonderful and beautiful wife, Greshonda Cody (Diamond), they have succeeded in helping thousands. He was inspired to write a short inspirational story about “THE MARRIED COUPLE WHO ATTEMPTED TO CHANGE THEIR MATE” to encourage married couples to look at their mate from a different perspective. Trying to change them, is not always the answer. David Cody also wrote a story entitled “A CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE RESTORED TO FRIENDSHIP” to show that Couples don’t intend to fall apart, but small circumstances slowly separates them without detection, but a restoration of Friendship is possible. The story entitled, “Mom Unintentionally Rejects Daughter for Church Duties” is one of the ways he shows how easy it is to loose sight of family duties when we unknowingly equate church duties with Godly duties, which are often, two different fields. David Cody is dedicated to bringing truth and clarity to a holy lifestyle.