What is the definition of being Rich?  Do you know?

RICH! RICH! RICH! Would you believe that being in possession of $8,000,000.00 to spend for pleasure at any given time is considered rich for most people?  What about you? Would you consider this to be a great amount of money?  No doubt, depending on the status of your wealth at this present time, this may indeed be a lot of money for you.  Nevertheless, this significant amount is unquestionably poverty level compared to the richness God has in store, right now, for all of us who put our trust in Him. There are many “Get Rich” gurus (top experts in their field) who busy themselves attempting to convince the masses on how to become prosperous:  showing the people, with their inspiring illustrations, of how they themselves, rose from rags to riches, and from poor to prosperous; while exhibiting pictures and videos of their beautiful earthly possessions in an effort to validate their discovery of what they believe to be the absolute path to riches.  However, our encouragement to you is that you are already blessed with great riches.  You are far richer than any amount of money any job can offer you.  You are far richer than any amount of money that can be won in a lottery.  You are far richer than any estimated value anyone can place on your life.  Don’t you know that placing confidence in the value of money, degrades your inner richness, but placing confidence in your inner richness, makes you significantly more valuable?

The speeches of those gurus(top experts in their field) are quite convincing; But many times, in their effort to guide the masses into financial freedom, they tend to leave very important details out.  Such as, the fact that no one is truly rich by the measure of funds they have in their bank account; nor are they prosperous by the expensive possessions they acquire; nor can they become truly rich by someone granting them 10 million dollars. But in all honesty, life pays all of us according to the value of who we are inside and how we use that value to benefit thousands of others. Whatsoever a man sow, that shall he also reap.

The Rich Power of an Educated Mind Filled with Useful Knowledge

Great riches comes from acquiring the knowledge of great books.  Did you know that every truly great man and woman whose names hold significant places in history are all known to have been devoted readers of books with an intense desire to learn more?  Many of them were educated in schools, while many others educated themselves.  They were excited about learning; and engaged themselves in books many years before their so called “wealth” begin pouring in.  The purpose of our life is to become more valuable, more productive, and more pleasing to the God who created us.  When we neglect to increase our value and become more productive, especially when the power of God has given us the ability to do so, then we sin against ourselves, against God, and against our destiny.

The Ultimate Power of being Rich in FaithIt is written in the book of Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.  In Hebrews 11:6, it says, “Without faith, it is impossible to please God; for he that come to God must believe that He is; and that He rewards them that diligently seek Him.” Also, in the book of Mark 9:23, it says, “All things are possible to him that believe.”  So it is mightily important for us to immerse ourselves in scriptures that endows us with the encouragement of knowing that there is nothing impossible for us to attain.  This is an excellent step towards inward enrichment.  The whole bible can be summed up in this one phrase, “Love the Lord God with all your might and walk by faith, not by sight”.  The bible is constantly encouraging us to take our eyes off the material, knowing that the material is created by the immaterial.

Now, many Christians believe that the Lord Jesus Christ and his Apostles had been poor.  But although they may not have had much money, they were not poor, but highly rich.  Think about it……. Today, it costs clients a deductible of at least $3,000.00 to fix a broken arm, but the Lord Jesus and His disciples, through the inward enrichment of faith, cured thousands without charge.  It takes at least $15 – $20 to eat a satisfying and fulfilling meal for the whole day, but the Lord Jesus, through the richness of His faith, fed over 5,000 men, not including women and children, with plenty of leftovers. And this He did using only two small fish and five loaves of bread.  This amazing work through the inward enrichment of His faith transformed $5 worth of food into a massive $100,000.00 worth of meats & breads given away for free:  Surely this illustrates that money does not represent true riches, but rather, true riches are found within you, the person, whom God has created in His own image and in His own likeness.

The Truth About The Rich Man 

The Rich Man Myth: In the book of Luke 18:18-24, there’s an incident in which a certain ruler approaches the Lord Jesus with a question on what he must do to inherit eternal life. The Lord asks whether or not he has kept the commandments. The ruler indicates that he has done this from his youth up. The Lord then reveals that he lacks one thing. And then He tells the ruler to sell all that he has, give it to the poor and follow Him. The ruler, at this request, becomes very sorrowful, for he was very rich. The Lord Jesus, upon seeing the sorrow of the man, makes this statement, “How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God! For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”

Old time Christians believe that it is a sin to be rich and that rich folks are going to hell. Today, pastors of churches interpret this scripture by explaining that this rich man could not enter into the kingdom of God because he had put his trust in riches rather than God. But taking a deeper look into the scriptures will show this to be only partially true. For the man clearly indicated that he had kept all the commandments of God which shows that he had a fear of God. The Lord Jesus expresses to the man that he lacks one thing. What is the one thing that this man lacks? He lacks the understanding that he is already rich without money and possessions. But to reveal to the man that he is already rich without money or possessions, the Lord requests him to sell everything.

Now, this man fail to realize that his success was considerably linked to his having enriched himself with the commandments and laws of God. His obedience to the commandments and laws of God enabled him to accumulate such riches. But due to his lack of understanding this fact, he became consequently incapable of seeing riches beyond the money he had, and therefore, fell into the deceitful trap of many people who have huge amounts of money;  and that is, the belief that money makes them rich. He was unable to discern the fact that in giving away all that he had, the productive value of his inward enrichment, would attract it all back into his life again and more. Let us, who are seeking to be wealthy, not fall into this trap. Let us enrich ourselves with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, increasing our learning of Him and engaging in an occupation that we love and enjoy; becoming excited about reading great books that stimulates our minds in becoming what we are called to be. And let us be a wonderful and powerful encouragement to everyone around us. For in doing this, we are bound to be happily surprised at all the extraordinary incidents that will begin appearing in our life.

The Power of Being Rich in Christ Jesus

We encourage you make the right choice for yourself.  As you engage yourselves in the wonderful enrichment of God, His righteousness and love, which is in Christ Jesus, the Lord and Savior; your life will become wealthy and prosperous in every way, both inwardly and outwardly.  It is said that we cannot become rich without enriching others. Whereas this may have much truth to it, we must also consider the fact that it is impossible to enrich others before enriching ourselves.  For how can we enrich others if there is no enrichment in us?  But when God is in us and working through us, then we have the full source necessary to enrich millions of others.

We hope that this article has been an encouragement to you. May you allow no one to dictate to you the true riches of your personal life. Only you can be you! No one else can be you but you! Our encouragement is that you be the best you that you can be! We love you.  Enjoy being rich in Christ Jesus.


 Be Rich in Christ Jesus, Amen!

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    Become Rich in your heart & give to the other who has nothing, help all that you can, with whatever you have!

  2. Rudy Stearn says:

    I am a believer & hope some day to be here when the rapture comes! And see Yahshua as he really is !

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